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Pet Sitting Clients: 4 Easy Steps to Completing the New Client Forms


Are you a brand new Leander Pet Care client, and ready to fill out the required forms before our free consultation? We will show you how, broken down into four easy steps!

1. Read and Sign the Policy Agreement

The first step is to go to leanderpetcare.precisessl.com, where you will be taken to the “New Client Account Registration” page. Next, you will create an username, password, and then read and digitally sign our policy agreement. After you have signed, click submit and then click on the link that says “Click here to access Leander Pet Care”.

On this same page, you will also notice a link with a question mark that says “Client Manual”. If you click on this link, you will be taken to the client manual that offers tutorials on how to use the client database. It is quite nifty, and I recommend checking it out if you need help!

2. Add Client Information

Now you’re in our client database! There will be a box towards the bottom of the page that says “Petcare”; please click on “My Info”. On this page you will fill out client information such as your contact information, information about your home, and checklists of tasks you would like performed in your home at our visits. These checklists mostly pertain to our Pet Sitting and Dog Walking clients, and can be skipped over by our Doggy Daycare and Dog Boarding clients.

After you have filled out all of the relevant information, please click the green Save button at the bottom.

3. Add Pet Information

You have saved the client information page, and now there will be a yellow notification box at the top of the screen. Click on “Please add your Pet(s) before you request services”. Now you are on the “My Pets Page”. Please fill out as much information as you would like to share about your pet(s), as this helps us get to know your pet’s disposition and routine. Our goal is to customize service for each individual pet’s unique personality!

If you have multiple pets, click on the “Add more when done” check box and fill out information for each pet in your household.

4. Veterinarian Release

Last, click on “Petcare”, and then “My Forms”. Read, complete and sign the Veterinarian Release Form. We keep the Veterinarian Release Form on file in case your pet needs medical attention while in our care.


That’s it! Easy peasy! You have now completed the new client sign-up process and can request services. If you need help completing the new client forms or requesting services, the Client Manual contains step-by-step instructions.

We are here to answer your questions 7 days per week! Please call us at 512-766-5025 or email [email protected]