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The Top 6 Reasons To Hire a Daily Dog Walker


1. Peace of Mind.

You will enjoy the peace of mind that your pup is getting exercise, love, and attention when you can’t be there. Leander Pet Care provides added reassurance by sending you an update after each visit to your home.

2. Less Likely to Become Obese.

One of the main leading causing of obesity in dogs is taking in more energy (food) than they use. In other words, dogs can become obese when they eat, and then do not have an outlet to burn off the extra calories. Many health problems that come with obesity may be avoided with regular and frequent exercise.

3. Reduced Potty Accidents.

Daily dog walking allows your pup to get a mid-day break to relieve himself.

4. Keeps Your Dog Out of Trouble.

A bored dog may resort to being destructive inside of the home. Daily dog walking stimulates your dog both physically and mentally, which helps to keep him out of trouble.

5. Socialization.

When your dog goes for a walk, he enjoys the sights, sounds and smells of the great outdoors. Your dog may encounter other walkers, new noises, and other animals. All of the stimuli that your dog gets helps to brush up on his socialization skills. What may seem like just a walk to us humans, could be the highlight of your dog’s day!

6. Because He’s Your Best Friend.

We know how much you love your dog, so spoil him with the one-on-one interaction that a professional dog walker provides. Leander Pet Care does not offer “pack walks”; we focus on one household’s dogs at a time. Your dog will bask in the attention, and be less lonely while you’re away.

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