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Does My Pet Sitter Guarantee the Arrival Time to My Home?


One of our most frequently asked questions is if Leander Pet Care will arrive to your home at a specific time for pet sitting visits. Arrival time is sometimes a concern for potential clients because their pets are used to being fed, walked or medicated at a certain time.  Leander Pet Care guarantees our arrival time within two hour time blocks:

  • Morning – 8-10 am,
  • Late Morning – 10 am-12 pm,
  • Afternoon – 1-3 pm,
  • Late Afternoon – 4-6 pm,
  • and Evening – 6-8 pm.

This means that we will arrive to your home for the visit within the two hour window of time that you have chosen. Due to circumstances beyond our control, such as: weather, traffic, and other clients’ pets, we cannot guarantee specific times for pet sitting visits. We do guarantee that we will arrive at your home in the time block(s) that you have chosen.

Typically, our pets are more flexible than we may realize. Pets can quickly adapt to being fed or walked 30 minutes earlier or later than they are accustomed to. After a few days under our care, they will have adjusted to the slightly altered routine. Pets that require, for example, insulin treatments at a very specific time may be referred to their vet for boarding.

If you have any questions or concerns about how Leander Pet Care can customize our services to best fit the needs of your pets, please email us at [email protected] or call/text Lauren at 512-766-5025.