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A Day Hiking With the Dogs at Turkey Creek Trail

hike-992019_640Spring is here early in Austin, and we have been hitting the trails with our pups as often as possible. Last Saturday, our pack decided to explore Turkey Creek Trail. This is the second hike we have taken with our dogs, and they absolutely loved it!


According to Austin Explorer, Turkey Creek Trail is a 2.50 mile balloon trail. The trail starts with rocky steps and buried branches, and then curves into scenery that can makes you feel as if you’re not in Texas anymore. It is easy to get lost in nature on this beautiful trail!

imageMack and Mina made so many new friends along the way. They loved swimming with their new furry pals at the many creek crossings along the trail. While hiking Turkey Creek, it is best to wear water shoes, or shoes that you don’t mind getting wet. There are stones strategically placed to help people cross the creek, but keeping your shoes completely dry does not seem feasible.

We met only friendly dogs along the trail. Many people chose to have their dogs off-leash, but we mostly kept our dogs on leash because they are still learning recall. We did let them roam around and swim at certain points along the hike. Our youngest pup, Mina, thought that she should follow all her new friends instead of staying with us, so she had to stay on her leash for the majority of the hike.

tc5Hiking has been helping Mack and Mina gain more confidence about getting in the water. Most of the hike takes place directly beside or crossing Turkey Creek. They appreciated having the water to cool down and play in, and we made frequent stops to give them a break and let them off their leash to mingle and frolic.

What a fun day! Every person and canine we met along the trail was courteous, and the whole family had a blast stretching our legs and enjoying the gorgeous spring weather.

I am overjoyed that our dogs seem to enjoy hiking around Austin just as much as we do. The fur babies were worn out by the end of our trip and slept the entire drive back to Leander. I am busy trying to decide which trail we’ll check out on our next adventure!

We would love to know your favorite spots to take your dog on a hike. Tell us in the comments below!