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Why Does My Pet Sitter Require Two Keys at the Free Consultation?

This is the first entry in our new blog series about some of the most frequently asked questions about our pet sitting services!

Why does Leander Pet Care require two keys at the free consultation?

home-589068_1280Whether we are seeing your pets daily as their dog walker or sporadically when you travel, we request and prefer that we are given two sets of keys to your home to keep in our safe.  This is the standard industry practice for professional pet sitters because it allows us to prepare for the unexpected, with the best interest of your animals in mind.

The first copy of the key is used for pet care visits to your home, and the second key is a backup in case of an emergency.  If an unforeseen accident or emergency happens to the first key, we will have the backup on file so that the safety of your home and pets is not put in jeopardy.

Below are examples of why we require clients to give us two sets of keys:
  • The first key breaks in the lock, so we use the alternate key after removing the first broken key.
  • The first key stops working, so we have the second key as a backup.
  • We walk into the backyard with your pets, and are somehow locked out of your house.
  • The unlikely event that your key is dropped or lost, we will not miss a visit to your home.
  • You are locked out of your home, and call us to request key lockout service.

We have clean criminal backgrounds and are insured and bonded for pet sitting visits to your home. Please rest assured that there is no need to worry about anything untoward happening when you give us copies of your house key. All client’s keys are placed into a secure safe, and are tagged and coded so as not to reveal identifying information.  Even in the unlikely event your key is dropped or lost, no one could match your home to the key.