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Is Leander Pet Care a Dog Boarding Facility?

samIs Leander Pet Care a Dog Boarding Facility?

Nope, not really!  Boarding with us is like sending your dog on vacation!  Dogs that stay with us are not put into dog runs or crates, but spend the day interacting with us and the night in peaceful slumber.  Dogs stay in our home and are treated like members of our family.  Our goal is for your dog to feel comfortable and for his or her stay with us to feel like a home away from home.

Your dog(s) will spend the day how they choose.  A dog with extra energy will have fun going on two walks per day, and will also have plenty of supervised play in our large fenced-in backyard.  Dogs who prefer a more laid-back approach may enjoy finding a comfy spot of their choosing for some peace and quiet, be it on a couch or pet bed. No matter the exuberance of your dog, all dogs get plenty of love, belly rubs, and interaction when they stay with us!

Dogs are not sad when they stay at Leander Pet Care!

Dogs are not sad when they stay at Leander Pet Care!

Are you concerned about the other pets that your dog will be interacting with during their stay? We take a maximum of five client’s dogs into our home for overnight boarding, so that each pet will receive the individual love and attention that they deserve! Each dog must pass a screening before we agree to have them stay in our home.  Dogs are screened for temperament to confirm that he or she is suitable for an in-home boarding environment.  We judge each dog’s reaction to new people and other dogs, and watch for signs of aggression.  All dogs that stay with us must be current on vaccinations, and must also have updated ID tags.  If a dog does not pass the initial screening, we happily offer pet sitting visits to your home to ensure that your dog will always be well-cared for when you are away.

For additional information about the differences between a boarding facility and Leander Pet Care, please click on this link.

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