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Our January BarkBox Came in the Mail! {review}

I don’t know who gets more giddy to see BarkBox in the mail – me or the pups!  It’s fun to spoil my dogs with shiny new toys and treats.  I like to have a large selection of toys here for my dogs and the dogs who board with us because it helps keep them busy and out of trouble.

We have been subscribers to BarkBox for a few months now, and I think it has been lots of fun and totally worth it. If you’d like to try out Barkbox for your pups, go here and use promo code 80EZF0N7GI to get a free box!

imageThis month’s Barkbox has a hippe theme, and the card that came in the box says “This month’s box is all about peace, ruv and happiness. So rock on, and do your own hippie hippie shake!”. The first toy we pulled out was a squeaky guitar that I know Mack can’t wait to get his paws on to get all the stuffing and squeaker out.  The guitar was put to the side as a “Trixie only toy” because she has never been a heavy chewer.


imageNext came a hippie fringe vest, which is a fetch toy that has a squeaker inside and floats in water. I can’t wait to take it to Bull Creek’s leash-free area when the weather warms up. The vest seems to be a high-quality, durable material.

The Orbee-Tuff Peace Sign Nook is my favorite toy that came in this month’s BarkBox! It has little nooks to hide treats to keep the dogs busy for a while, and doubles as a ball for fetch. The material seems to be a very durable rubber that just might hold up to heavy chewers. Mack approves and he had fun working to get the treats hidden in the nooks!

I have been impressed with the treats and chews that come with our BarkBox subscription. They have been specialty treats that can’t be found at Petsmart! BarkBox also has an allergy option that can be checked when you sign up, in case your dog has allergies.
imageimageThe jerky treats were just the right size to keep little Mina chewing for a a while. She took it to one of our dog beds and happily chewed until it was gone. Mack loved the Beefy Braid that came in our box! Trixie is picky and turned her nose up at all the treats that came in the box. She prefers tiny, soft treats that she can quickly gobble up, so I usually buy her little training treats. If you’d like to try Barkbox for your pups, go to barkbox.com and enter promo code 80EZF0N7GI for a free box!